The Carnival of Krk

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The craziest time of the year has arrived yet again! Carnival of Krk is a tradition of 200 years or more, this year it starts on 13th of January by raising of the carnival flag on the Main city square. Most of the carnival will be held in the carnival tent on the bus station in Krk, where you'll be able to hear and see some of the most famous Croatian perfomers and have a really good time, while Sundays are time for younglings to have their fun. The closing of Carnival will be held on the promenade. It starts in the afternoon with music and good gastronomic offer and it finishes in the evening with returning Keys to the City, putting down the Carnival flag and burning of Mesopust! You can find detalied programme down below. 


13 January, The Main Square [Vela placa]
11.00 am, the Carnival opening ceremony

19 January - 16 February, costume parties on Saturdays in carnival tent at the bus station:

19 January
09.00 pm - 04.00 am, Opća Opasnost

02 February
09.00 pm - 04.00 am, Željko Bebek

16 February
09.00 pm - 04.00 am, Mate Bulić

20 January - 17 February, costume parties for children on Sundays in carnival tent at the bus station:

20 January
04.00 - 08.00 pm, the performer will be known later

03 February
04.00 - 08.00 pm, the performer will be known later

17 February
04.00 - 08.00 pm, the performer will be known later

05 March, the Town’s waterfront
04.00 - 08.00 pm, the Carnival closing ceremony

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