Celebration of Labour day

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Labour day Incubator - A visual and musical event held in the city of Krk in early May with the aim of gathering, socializing and developing discussions among young artisans, theorists, musicians and other enthusiasts. Association Kreativni Krk took over the organization in 2010 and has continued to develop it. The musical part of the Labour day incubator is divided into the competition part, consisting of young bands from all over Croatia, and the auditorium, where we have enjoyed significant bands of Croatian and regional music such as Kawasaki 3P, Repetitor, Edo Maajka, Brkovi, Stillness and others. The art section of the event takes place in cooperation with friendly associations through the organization of the exhibition on the theme of May 1st. In 2014, the association Kreativni Krk takes over the full organization of the festival, the art and music section and launches the activist part of the event through lectures and forums on the related topic.

▶ 26.04. Exhibition opening "Street photography"

▶ 04.05. Labor day concert

▶ 01.05. Labor day fest

You can find more info on The official website of Kreativni Krk.

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