Terms and conditions

These General terms and conditions of the ADRIA SUN Travel Agency, Šetalište Sv. Bernardina 6E, 51500 Krk, Croatia (in the further text ADRIA SUN Agency) are designed to inform the customers of clear legal rules and to protect them from the unpleasant surprises, and are an integral part of the Contract or Travel document - Voucher for the accommodation rental on the ADRIA SUN Agency website or in person from the valid offer direct in the ADRIA SUN Agency.
Reservations of accommodation or other services offered by ADRIA SUN Agency can only be made by an adult customer.
Upon confirmation of the reservation or use of this site or any other service of ADRIA SUN Agency you agree to all data and conditions of the program and the rules and Terms and conditions contained therein to. When booking, the customer confirms that he is familiar with these general terms and conditions, has read them carefully and fully accepts them. This way, all conditions set forth in these General Terms and Conditions become a legal obligation to both the customer and the ADRIA SUN Agency.

ADRIA SUN travel agency is obliged to provide the accommodation in the booked object according to the published information in the reserved period, according to the confirmed reservation, except in exceptional circumstances (force majeure, illness or death of the host or his closest family) extraordinary circumstances which can’t be predicted or eliminated (natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, fires, drought)), wars, strikes, acts of terrorism, Restrictions of the state (mobilization, exit ban).
Although we make every effort to ensure that all published data, descriptions and images relating to the characteristics of the rental units are as accurate as possible, the information may contain accidental, tying or grammar mistakes. You must accept that minor differences between the photograph/illustration/text used and actual property may arise. Tolerance of +/- 20% applies to all numerical values (areas, distance,…).
Standards of accommodation, meals, services and other standards are different in different places and countries and can’t be compared. Offered accommodation units are described after the official categorisation of the issuing institution ( e.g. Croatian Office for Tourism) and through our insight in the real condition of the capacities. Changes, updates and corrections of the information are carried out continuously. ADRIA SUN is not responsible for any direct, indirect, criminal delayed, collateral, incidental, special or any other damage caused by the use of the information on our web site.
The property owner reserves the right to make changes to the exterior / interior design, furniture, accessories, equipment or other advertised activities without prior notice.

All Inquiries and bookings of accommodation and other services offered by ADRIA SUN Agency will be accepted by e-mail, phone, or in person at ADRIA SUN Agency. Please enter all necessary data.
Bookings of accommodation or other services offered by the ADRIA SUN Agency can only be made by an adult customer.
Completed booking form on our web site is considered to be a preliminary booking. We update the availability in our booking calendars daily. When the booking form is received, ADRIA SUN Agency checks once more whether required accommodation unit is available and send to the guest the booking confirmation by e-mail. In order to complete the booking, the guest should pay the deposit within 48 hours from receiving the booking confirmation. The advance is 30 % of the total amount, for the stay shorter than 5 nights, the advance is 50 % of the total amount. The balance is to be paid on day of arrival in the ADRIA SUN Agency, in cash, in local currency KN. For some accommodation a total amount is required one month before arrival, which is indicated in the accommodation description. When the advance is payed in, the guest is due to mail the receipt to ADRIA SUN Agency. If booked vacation term starts 15 days after the booking is made, the guest is due to pay advance-money within 12 hours from receiving the booking confirmation and immediately notify ADRIA SUN Agency by e-mail.
Advance payment for booked accommodation can be paid by bank transfer, PayPal or by credit card.
Online credit card authorization is provided by WSpay™ system. Data transfer is secured by using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol with 256 bit instant SSL pro data encryption.
All advance payments by credit cards will be effected in Croatian currency. The amount your credit card account will be charged for is obtained through the conversion of the price in Euro into Croatian Kuna according to the current exchange rate of the Croatian National bank. When charging your credit card, the same amount is converted into your local currency according to the exchange rate of credit card associations. As a result of this conversion there is a possibility of a slight difference from the original price stated in our web site.
All bank charges and other costs are charged to the customer. The customer is obliged to inform his bank about the coverage of all costs when paying an advance payment. Otherwise, the difference is calculated when the amount is paid on the spot.
If we do not receive the advance as booking confirmation within above stated time limit, the booking is considered not valid.
After the advance is paid, ADRIA SUN Agency will send to the guest the Travel document -Voucher with all the details considering the service and instructions how to reach us.
While booking, the customer is due to give all the information`s that booking procedure requires. All the files are kept under the name of the person who`s name is first stated in booking form (booking holder). The booking holder must be older than 18 and authorized by the others to make a reservation on behalf of all persons named on the request. By completing and submitting the booking form, the booking holder confirms that he is authorized to make the reservation by the others and that they all agree with him and that they are also subject to the reservation conditions. Booking holder is responsible for all the payments (advance and the rest of the costs).
When you arrive to Krk, unless agreed otherwise, please come to ADRIA SUN Agency to register and bring the booking confirmation document - voucher and valid document`s (passports or identity cards) of all persons in the group.
Arrival / Check-in is possible from 14:00 to 20:00. For some accommodation arrival / check-in is from 16:00, this is indicated in the house description. Arrivals outside these times are possible by prior arrangement. In this case, please contact us in advance to arrange the details.
Key handover for the booked holiday property takes place in the same, with the landlord, unless otherwise stated in the contract or on the travel voucher.
If the customer does not arrive on the day of arrival and does not inform us about the delay by telephone or e-mail, it is assumed that the customer waives the reservation and that the booked accommodation is considered free for further bookings.
Departure / Check-out is possible from 08:00 until 10:00. An earlier check-out should be arranged in advance.

The prices published on ADRIA SUN Agency website are different from object to object, shown next to every accommodation unit and include the basic service / price per accommodation per night, as stated in the description of the object.
The accommodations are rented furnished with adequate equipment, according to the standard of each category. Bed linen, towels, final cleaning, electricity and water consumption are included in the price. Bed linen and towels are changed weekly. In some accommodation units, the final cleaning has to be payed extra. This is then stated in the property description.
Special services are those services which are not included in the price of accommodation (for example pets, air condition, extra bed…), therefore the customer pays for them separately. These services must be requested at the time of booking. Pets are not allowed in all accommodation units. Number and kind of pets must be agreed prior to acceptance of booking. In some apartments the air conditioning is included in the price and in some apartments there`s a daily extra charge for the air condition - this is clearly stated in the accommodation description.
The accommodation prices on the web page are shown as informative price calculation in Euro and converted from the national currency Kuna, after the 01.10.2017. applicable exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank (HNB), EUR to HRK 7.50. The price in HRK is the price agreed under the contract. The balance (minus the already paid deposit) is to be paid in cash on the day of arrival in Kuna.
ADRIA SUN Agency has the right to change the listed prices if the exchange rate Kuna / Euro according to the Croatian National Bank (HNB) changes by more than 5% in relation to the exchange rate Kuna / Euro valid on 1.10.2017.
Should more people arrive in the booked accommodation than registered at the time of booking, and indicated on the travel documents (voucher), the landlord has the right not to accommodate unannounced persons. Assumed that there is enough space in the accommodation unit, the additional guests can be accommodated by calculating the additional cost per person / night. The landlord is not obliged to extend the booked period, but if it is possible, you can extend the booking. In that case the payment for additional nights is requested. The landlord is not obliged to provide to the customers the services that are not stated on the voucher.
According to the valid law on the tourist tax, the customer is obliged to pay the tourist tax at the same time as the accommodation. The total amount of the tourist tax depends on the number of persons, age and date of stay. For most holiday properties, the tourist tax is already included in the price. The amount of the tourist tax is stated on the calculation of the reservation or it is stated that the tourist tax is already included in the price.
The customer pays the registration 30 Kuna (4 Euros) per person and booking fee 75 Kuna (10 Euros) per booking - both only once. The registration and the booking fee will be paid along with the payment for the accommodation.
All prices quoted are for a minimum stay of more than 3 nights. If your stay is shorter than 4 nights, the price increases by 30%.
The prices indicated in our offers and programs are based on the contracts with the landlords and our partners and need not be the same as those presented in the holiday objects on site. A possible price difference can`t be a reason for complaint.
If you intend to organize an event (dinner, entertainment, cocktail party, wedding, etc.) in rented accommodation, you must first apply for a permit. Larger events must be announced prior to arrival and additional costs may be incurred due to discretion of the landlord (special charge, increased deposit or similar).

Our prices do not include travel insurance.
According to the Law on Tourist Activities (N.N. Br. 8/96 - in the further text the Law), the employees of the agency to whom the payment is made are obliged to offer the customer a "travel insurance package". This package includes health insurance during the whole stay, luggage insurance, accident insurance and travel cancellation insurance and are offered for both travel abroad as well as inland.
By accepting the contract, which also includes these general conditions and terms, the customer confirms that he was offered a "travel insurance package". When concluding the contract in the insurance company, name, surname, address and OIB (Personal Identification Number) should be indicated.
The travel insurance policy can not be arranged later!
ADRIA SUN Travel Agency is obliged to inform you that according to the Croatian law, foreign citizens are only insured within Croatia. That's why we recommend you to arrange insurance in your country.

ADRIA SUN Agency reserves the right to modify a booking in exceptional circumstances that can not be predicted, avoided or removed (force majeure). The booked accommodation can only be replaced by prior notification to the guest, only with accommodation of the same or higher category and the accommodation price, on the basis of which the guest has confirmed the booking.
In a very unlikely event that the Agency needs to change or cancel your booking, we will inform you as soon as possible and if requested we will try to arrange alternative accommodation of a similar type, standard and location. If it is not possible to find a comparable accommodation
ADRIA SUN Agency has the right to cancel the booking upon prior customer notification and guarantees the refund of the complete paid amount and shall be under no other liability.

If the guest wishes to change or cancel the reservation made according to his request, then this must be done in writing (by e-mail, letter or fax). Changes can refer to the number of persons or the names of the Guests, the date of the arrival /departure and must be made no later than 30 days prior to the beginning date of the service. If a reservation change is not possible and the Guest gives up the confirmed reservation, the cancellation terms listed below apply. Changes to the accommodation unit and any changes made within 30 days prior to the booking and during the booking will be considered as a reservation cancellation.
For fixed confirmed reservations for accommodation units, the date on which the
written cancellation is received represents the basis of the calculation of costs as
- for cancellation up to 30 days prior to arrival 30% of the total price will be charged
- for cancellation from 29 to 15 days before arrival 40% of the total price will be charged
- for cancellation from 14 to 8 days prior to arrival, 50% of the total price will be charged,
- for cancellation from 7 to 2 days prior to arrival, 80% of the total price will be charged,
- For cancellation 1 to 0 days prior to arrival, or if the client does not arrive at the booked accommodation until midnight on the arrival day, or if he wishes to leave earlier within the booked period, 100% of the total price will be charged.
If the customer has to cancel the booking within 7 days before the beginning date of the service, the ADRIA SUN Agency offers the customer the possibility of finding a new customer/user of the same reservation if possible (this also depends on the landlord). The new customer/reservation holder accepts all the obligations stated in these General Terms and Conditions.

The ADRIA SUN Agency is responsible for providing services as well as selecting the service provider while respecting the rights and interests of the Guests in accordance with the traditions of the tourism industry. The ADRIA SUN Agency will fulfil all the above mentioned obligations as described except in circumstances beyond its control.
If ADRIA SUN Agency is explicitly in the name of the third person involved in the programs of other tour operators or mediates particular service of other providers, such as excursions, rent-a-car, etc., then ADRIA SUN Agency is responsible only for the proper providing of mediation services, but not for the service.

The Guest is obligated to: have valid travel documentation, respect and abide by all customs and foreign exchange regulations of the destination country and the transit countries as well. The guests must agree to abide by house rules of the accommodation as well as cooperate with the service providers in a good faith. The Guest must enquire whether or not a visa is required for the destination country as well as for countries through which he/she passes or resides. If the trip has to be cancelled due to violation of visa requirements by the guest, the guest who violated the regulations will be responsible for any costs incurred.

You must keep the property and all furniture, fittings, effects, facilities, equipment and grounds in the same state and condition as at the beginning of your holiday. Final cleaning is included in the price, unless stated otherwise, however you are expected to keep the reasonable state of cleanliness and in the same general order in which it was found. You will be responsible for any breakages, loss or damage to the property. The property owner reserves the right to charge you for any extra cleaning except the final cleaning and to claim compensation for damages.

ADRIA SUN Agency is not liable neither for any loss, ruined or damaged baggage or it's theft. Any valuables left at the property are left at your own risk. Neither the Agency nor the property owner is responsible for their loss. Lost belongings or theft should be reported to the property owner and to the local police station. No refund can be given should you decide to vacate the property as a consequence of a burglary.
Neither the ADRIA SUN Agency nor the property owner shall be responsible for the death of, or personal injury or illness of any member of a booking party, or of any other person at the property.
ADRIA SUN Agency cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss weather of the Guest nor of the property owner.

Each customer has the right to file a complaint with ADRIA SUN Agency if the rented services are incomplete or inadequate, or the customer is not satisfied with the current situation. The customer is obligated to file a complaint on the day of arrival at the location of the service provider and no later than within 24 hours of arrival at the accommodation unit. The customer is required to cooperate in good faith with ADRIA SUN Agency and the service provider to correct the causes of the complaint, and if the causes can`t be eliminated, committed ADRIA SUN Agency, whenever possible, to offer alternative accommodation. If the customer accepts the proposed solution to the complaint, that corresponds to the paid service, ADRIA SUN Agency is not obliged to accept a later complaint.
If the guest is not satisfied with the condition of the accommodation unit, and leaves the property to find a new accommodation himself, without giving to the agency an opportunity to deal with the reason of their dissatisfaction or find them an alternative accommodation the guest does not request a refund nor file a claim for compensation, regardless of the fact whether his reasons were justified or not.
If the guest and the ADRIA SUN Agency are not able to find a solution they are to draw up a written confirmation in two copies which is to be signed by both of them. The guest keeps one copy of this confirmation. Only written complaints that are dealt with during the stay and those whose cause of problem could not be repaired will be considered valid.
If the guest is not willing to accept the alternative solution offered on the spot, which corresponds to the reserved and paid service, later claims will not be accepted nor answered by the Agency. This also invalidates the right of the guest to an ideal compensation, and subsequent claim for already used services will not be accepted. This also invalidates the right of the guest to an ideal compensation and subsequent claim for already used services will not be accepted.
If the defective service is not reported on site and the customer consumes the service, he loses the right to compensation.
At least 8 days after returning the customer must send a written complaint enclosing the report signed by both parties. The ADRIA SUN Agency takes into a procedure only fully documented complaints which are received within 8 days. The ADRIA SUN Agency is obliged to submit a written declaration within 14 days after receipt of the claim. Only complaints that are dealt with during the stay and those whose cause of problem could not be repaired will be considered valid.
The highest reimbursement can reach up to the amount of the complained part of the services and cannot comprise the service already taken or the whole amount of the arrangement. This excludes the guest's right to non-material damages.
The ADRIA SUN Agency cannot be held responsible for climate conditions, cleanliness, and the temperature of the sea, or crowds, as well as similar situations and events which can result in the dissatisfaction of guests and are not a direct result of the accommodation unit quality.

The privacy statement is intended to protect the privacy of our customer. In case that you decide to use our services, it's necessary to leave us your personal information, so that we could complete your reservation and to lease asked service. Your data is protected to the maximum and used to perform the services required. We assure you that we are collecting only information that we need to complete our procedure of reservation of our service, and in that process we are using only information that we receive directly from you.
These data will continue to be used for communication to inform you of our news and special offers. We respect your wish if you do not want to receive such news. In that case please let us know.
All data are fully protected and are only available to employees who process your request, booking and rental. All agency employees and business partners are responsible for compliance with privacy principles.
The ADRIA SUN Agency may disclose personal information only if prescribed by law or court decision, and the need for protection of personal safety of our client or the public.

If the client submits a review, ADRIA SUN Agency has the right to publish it on our website. If the customer explicitly requests to move reviews, ADRIA SUN will do so in the shortest possible time.

ADRIA SUN Agency website contains links to websites that are under the control of other persons or companies. These links are available only as a recommendation and a potential source of additional information. The ADRIA SUN Agency has no influence and is not responsible for the content, truthfulness or accuracy of the information contained therein.

Client confirms the reservation with advance payment and thus confirms his agreement to all the above conditions.

The guest and the ADRIA SUN Agency will aim to resolve all possible disputes and objections by mutual agreement and if an agreement cannot be reached authority in charge is the Court in Krk under the authority of the laws of the Republic of Croatia.